Precision manufacturing safety and reliable

Fuben series elevator has adopted an advanced microcomputer modular control technology,o form a serial communication network

Safety,energy conservation

Fuben series elevator gearless host is made by rare earth materials permanent magnet synchronous technology and since this type of host

Green and friendly-to-environment

passengers feel more smooth and comfortable.Fuben series elevator has fully consideered environmental factors no matter on techniques or performance.

Tasting honorable life

It has eliminaled the noise and vibration caused by traditional worm traRsmission,to reduce the noise pollulion;additionally,the adoption of AC synchronous drive has greatly improved the startup,acceleration and braking characteristics of the elevtor

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DONGGUAN FUBEN ELEVATOR CO.,LTD     The purpose of Fuben Elevator Co.,Ltd:with high-tech,failure rate of product should be controlled at the level of "zero defects".Our commitment:to provide customers with superior Product quality and efficient services in design,production,sales,installation and after-sales service,meeting user satisfaction in technical service and After-sales service,alwaysthe principle of Fuben Elevator Co.,Ltd.
    Fuben Elevator Co.,Ltd is willing to provide The Best service for you and your company! Choosing Fuben Elevator is great trust and Support for us.Fuben vertical elevators, Escalators,moving Walkways and other products will also add more luster to your building!
    Fuben elevator is one of the excellent social Enterprises in the world.Deepening the trust relationshiP with the regions...
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Guangdong fuben lift "3.8 women's day I wish yo
Guangdong fuben lift "3.8 women's day I wish yo
Spring, and a spring radiant and enchanting spring scene. Green in March, ushered in the feminine Festival. In this beautiful day, to express wishes and condolences to the female employees of the company, so that we have a healthy, harmonio...
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